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4square Advisory Services, Inc. is an investment portfolio management firm, based out of Fenton, MI. We share space with 4square Tax & Accounting, LLC.

We evaluate the current investments of each client with respect to their risk tolerance levels and time horizon. We request discretionary authority from clients in order to select securities and execute transactions without permission prior to each transaction. Risk tolerance levels are documented in the Investment Policy Statement, which is discussed with each client.

All office hours are by appointment only. Evening and weekend appointments are also available.

About Us

Lawrence Zimbler is president, chief compliance officer and sole investment advisor representative of 4square Advisory Services, Inc. Larry is directly involved with every client and every portfolio handled by the firm. Larry does investment portfolio management and his working style is very different from the general market.

We present ourselves as the adviser to the rest of us! This means that we accept client relationships as low as $2,500 of aggregate value. While we reserve the right to waive that minimum, it is set from a practical basis and not an exclusionary basis. We welcome small value accounts when they are established with ongoing deposits to encourage small savers and investors.

Our fees are competitive and affordable; we avoid investments with unnecessary built-in fees, costs and commissions.

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Our Portfolio Management Services:

Disclaimer: 4square Advisory Services, Inc. is an investment advisor registered with the state of Michigan and we are not soliciting business outside of the state of Michigan.